Providing expert IT services for small and medium-sized businesses
Our Customers Are Saying...

“The NYSCLA Board has been more than happy with the productivity, pricing and delivery from eSolve Solutions. We hope to meet them one day!” -Richard W Gibney RLA - NYSCLA President

“Teaming with eSolve enabled me to deliver a high quality fully engineered product within the tight timeframe.” -John Klekovic, Owner, Rexford Engineering

“eSolve Solutions did a great job at listening to our needs and provided us with a solution that will grow as our company grows. It was both affordable and user friendly.” -Dave Vener, VP. - imPress Printing and Graphics
Our Focus...

eSolve Solutions provides next generation collaboration tools, including The eSolve Office™, along with a variety of IT Services. We focus on providing custom strategic IT consulting and solutions to small and medium size businesses.

We've partnered with to provide an awesome collaborative website solution designed just for churches!
eSolve Solutions, Inc.
IT solutions for todays changing workplace

IT Solutions for Todays Changing Workplace

In business since 2007, eSolve leverages its 37 years experience in IT and Project Management to provide IT solutions for today's changing workplace. What make eSolve different is its experience and vast network of experts and partners, often brought together virtually to solve each unique problem.

One way we do this is by creating a custom, easy-to-use, anytime / anyplace work environment, along with training and support for effective use. eSolve's approach to organizational collaboration focuses on creating a secure web-based environment using
The eSolve Office™, powered by activeCollab™. This enables organizations to work without boundaries and uncover new business opportunities. Also offered, normally as a precursor to The eSolve Office™, is the IT Physical™.