eSolve Solutions has been in business since 2007. Our CEO & President, Dr. Guy Cortesi, is a leading expert in collaborative workplace solutions and strategic IT. He has a Ph.D. in Information Science with research centered on collaborative workplace effectiveness and virtual organizations. He also has an MBA and a BS in Electrical and Computer Engineering. His responsibilities have included engineering design, developing IT strategies, IT deployment, and system and network support for multiple sites and 1000+ users. He has been responsible for budget activities, new equipment/system design and evaluation, security, and training.

Dr. Cortesi has 20 years experience in establishing secure Information Systems and Engineering designs for Bechtel, Inc. in the Naval Nuclear Program. Over the past 40 years, he has held various engineering, IT, leadership, and management positions at companies including Bechtel, GE, IBM, Texas Instruments, Fairchild/ Schlumberger, and Apple Computer.

He is also a Professor of Practice at the University of Albany in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering in the College of Engineering and Applied Science, and an adjunct professor at Clarkson University, and has been an adjunct professor RPI Lally School of Management and Technology, Siena College, and HVCC. He has taught 90+ Graduate and Undergraduate level courses in the Computer and Information Science, Business, and Engineering. His areas of expertise include: Collaborative Workplace solutions, IT decision systems, organizational development using effective technology, virtual organizational theory, networking technology, web page authoring and Internet technologies, cross-platform PC skills, and general MIS.

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